Käyttökokemuksen parantamiseksi tämä sivusto käyttää evästeitä (Lisätietoja). Käyttämällä palvelua sallit evästeiden käytön.

Eero’s walk starts from Espoo on Friday 20th of May 2016 at 8.30 am. He will be accompanied by his friends for the first 30 kilometres and after, he will be mostly walking on his own.

The journey is 750 kilometres long all together. Eero is planning to walk around 35 kilometres per day. So it will take around a month before he arrives to Pudasjärvi. You can follow Eero’s trip everyday as we are updating his progress in this website. He has a GPS-watch and it will give varied amount of information about his such as length of the journey walked, time, calorie consumption, heartbeat, breaks and the route he is walking.

-You are all welcomed to join me walking towards Pudasjärvi. You can see where I am from the information posted in pudis.fi, Eero says.

Why is Eero walking to Pudasjärvi?

The simple reason for this is that he was born and grew up in Pudasjärvi. He has dreamt about returning to his roots after his working career ends. What would be a better way than walk home he says.

-There was a Finnish actor who walked from Helsinki to visit his friend in Lieksa. After the walk, he said that walking empties your head and then you have more space for new ideas. That’s what I’m looking forward also.

Eero says Pudasjärvi was a good place to grow up even though he only later discovered it. Honesty and respecting other people were self-evident.

Eero’s athletic background helps to achieve this goal

Eero is now 65 years old, but age is not slowing down his active enthusiasm to sports -quite the contrary! He used to run a lot and has ran several marathons and half-marathons. He has also cycled a lot and one of the longest journeys was 540 kilometres to Vaasa in two days. Few years ago he started walking with Nordic walking poles and now he will be doing the longest walk when he is walking back home.